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What's Happening with the Car Park?

Recent visitors to the practice will have noticed that the car park next door is closed. This has been a pain, not only for those who want to park there, but also for anyone else who would normally access the front of the practice by walking through.

The reason the car park is closed is because of worries about the safety of the old building that adjoins it, part of the plot of 33-37 Westgate.

Back in 2019 planning permission was granted to knock the existing buildings down, and build 3 houses on the plot. Unfortunately that planning permission has lapsed, so when safety concerns were raised recently, and a structural engineer expressed his opinion that the building should be demolished, it wasn't allowed just to get on with it. Because the building, and indeed Rose Cottage itself, are situated in a conservation area you have to apply for planning permission to knock it down, even when it's been condemned. Not only that, but you have to perform an archeological survey and an ecological survey as well!

All the necessary surveys have been done, and an application has been submitted, but they've warned us that it could be more than 8 weeks before demolition can start. Clearly we are keen to get back to normal as soon as we can. You can find the planning application here

Until then, access to Rose Cottage Dental Practice is down the passage known as Roses Lane, then past the fire escape and round to the right.

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