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We survived the inspection!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that we were due to have an inspection from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Well, they came last Thursday and spent the day poking around, checking out our policies and procedures, and giving several of our staff a good grilling.

Fortunately it all seems to have gone quite well. We haven't got the full report yet; that will be available to us in a few weeks' time. However, they seemed pleased with how we run the practice and the standard of care we give our patients.

Now for a few thanks: All of our staff coped brilliantly with getting the practice ready and talking to the inspectors, but a few special thanks are due;

Shelley - our head nurse handled their enquiries really well.

Debra - gave the inspector a demonstration of our decontamination processes, and sterilising room. Answered all the tricky questions!

Niki - our trainee practice manager really demonstrated why we have promoted her to this role.

Kirsty - my wife and business partner put in a huge amount of groundwork and preparation even before we knew we were having an inspection.

Anyway, stress levels can reduce a bit now, we can all sleep better, and enjoy our Denplan training day tomorrow.

Until next time...

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