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Team Inspiration from Star Wars

Updated: May 14

I recently rewatched “Empire strikes back” with my teenage sons.  Despite all the new films coming out the Star Wars franchise, we still consider this the best one! I think part of the genius of the film is the team spirit feel-good factor the film engenders.  It struck me that the characters all have their flaws but also look out for each other and have each other’s backs. 


C3PO (the gold droid) is a neurotic narcissist but is keen to serve his human companions, Luke Skywalker is impulsive but protective over his friends, Han Solo is a bit of a selfish rogue but goes out to search for his friends and rescues them when it matters, Leia is hot-headed but fearless, Chewbacca is clumsy but faithful, and finally R2D2 is excitable but calm in the face of adversity. 


I’m perhaps exaggerating a bit here but hopefully you get the point that they are all unique in their own ways but when they come together the team become a greater collective force than the individuals who are in it.  Another word for this is “synergy” and it is something we will be looking at in our Rose Cottage team training later in the year.

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