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Recycling at Rose Cottage

We’re proud to update you all on the progress we’ve made with the recycling programme that we run here in association with Terracycle.

Since June last year, we have had a collection box sited in our waiting room, in place for patients and colleagues to bring in their used toothbrushes, interdental brushes and easypicks, and we can even accept the heads from electrical toothbrushes. 

Our first full box was recycled and saved 400g of waste having to go into landfill, which when you think of how light a toothbrush is, that’s a lot of old brushes.  We’re hoping that with your help we can send another full box to be recycled into something new very soon.

Any brand can be brought in, you don’t have to have bought them from us, though of course, we do have a great selection of accessories you can buy from us.

So, keep brushing everyday, bring in your end-of-life dental care items next time you come for your check up and help us to make a difference.



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