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A Big 'Thank You'

I'm writing this post at home, when normally I would be in work caring for our patients. Unfortunately the coronavirus outbreak has meant that we have had to cease face-to-face contact with our patients, even in emergency circumstances. Much of our team is at home, looking after their children who can't go to school, looking after vulnerable parents who can't get out to the shops, or just finding a way to cope with the crazy world at the moment.

However, the first big 'Thank You' goes to Niki, our practice manager. She has helped with ensuring that the practice administration is all sorted during this break, but most of all she is providing the front-line support for all of the patients who phone in. Unbelievably we've had a few phone calls from people who want to book their check-ups at the moment and are surprised when we say we can't see them! She is also the first person you speak to if you have a dental emergency, and is on hand with first class advice. She can then contact one of the dentists if necessary, and we've tried to make sure that we can access all the patient notes remotely so we can prescribe safely.

The second big 'Thank You' goes to our patients, especially our Denplan patients. I can't tell you what a difference having patients with Denplan means at the moment. Without them we might not be looking at surviving this crisis, but with your support we will ensure that we can get back to providing top quality dental care as soon as is possible.

I'm just going to finish by inviting you to use the comments section below to let me know if there's anything else you would like to see from the practice during this time of closedown, or anything I can usefully write on the blog? Let me know what you think below.

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