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Goodbye to Mr Reynolds

OK I'll admit it. This blog entry has come a bit late, but at the end of October Richard Reynolds hung up his mirror for good and retired, and so it's with sadness we say goodbye to him.

Richard joined Rose Cottage back in 1989 working alongside Gordon Hotson, and before long had bought the practice himself. In the early 90s he agreed to be a Vocational Trainer for Adam Mantle and the two of them have worked here ever since.

Richard saw a few changes in dentistry over the years, perhaps the biggest of which was when Rose Cottage converted to Denplan, in order to provide the great quality care that it still does. More recently Ed and Kirsty Gayton bought the practice, but fortunately Richard stayed on to steady the ship.

Of course he will be greatly missed, not least by all the patients who saw him for many years. He got so many cards that there was barely room in his surgery, along with a fair few bottles. We saw him off with some cakes and drinks and good wishes.

But it's not all sadness. Our new dentist, Kath Williams, has just started and will take care of Richard's patients. More on her in another blog soon!

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