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Whitening with Enlighten

Been a while since I posted anything, for which I apologise, but I finished a bleaching case on Friday and the patient and I were so pleased that I thought I'd better stick it online. In fact the whole team were impressed, with my head nurse messaging me afterwards 'they looked AMAZING!!!!!!!' I'm not sure about the routine use of that many exclamation marks but even so....

Anyway, I had been a bit torn about recommending bleaching to this patient, as she already had pretty nice white teeth and I wasn't sure how much improvement we'd get. Nevertheless she was keen, so we took some impressions (first time with the digital scanner, more on that later) and had some bleaching trays made. These are soft rubber trays that are worn overnight and hold the bleaching gel next to your teeth. The first week is at 10% and the second week at 16% and then they are finished off with a session in-surgery. The whole process takes about a month from start to finish so bear this in mind if you want it for a particular occasion.

The before/after can be seen below (click on the arrow if the picture doesn't change automatically)

The photos were taken with the same camera and flash on the same settings and have not been messed with in any way. I always try to be honest with my results!

I hope you'll agreed that the results were good. The patient was certainly pleased!

If you'd like to have a chat about whitening or improving your smile, talk with your dentist next time you're in, give reception a call on 01529 302143, or fill in the contact form on our main page.

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