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Christmas Arrangements 2021

Always helpful this time of year to keep you up to date with our opening hours over Christmas and the New Year, so you know when we'll be around and who to call if you have any problems.

On the days when the practice is closed, someone is on-call from approximately 8am to 8pm and this will often be a dentist from one of the other local practices. Don't worry, they're all great too! You can get their number by ringing 01529 302143 and listening to the answerphone message.

Friday 24th - Christmas Eve - Practice open 9am-5pm for emergencies (but please don't leave it until late in the day to ring!)

Saturday 25th - Christmas Day - Peter Walker from Eastgate Dental Practice on call.

Sunday 26th - Boxing Day - Peter Walker from Eastgate Dental Practice on call.

Monday-Tuesday 27-28th - Clover Dental Care on call

Wednesday-Friday 29th-31st - Practice open 9am to 5pm for emergencies.

Sat 1st- Monday 3rd of Jan - Sleaford Smiles on call

Tuesday 4th of January onwards - Rose Cottage open normal opening hours.

We hope you don't need us, but it's good to know someone will help if necessary!

Merry Christmas to all!

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