• Ed Gayton

Face fit testing - Goodbye beard!

As part of the new safety precautions in the time of coronavirus we are having to use different personal protective equipment (PPE). One of the requirements is that if we carry out an aerosol generating procedure (AGP) we need to wear gowns and special masks, of either the FFP2 or FFP3 standard. Now you don't need to know the technical details, but it's really important that a good seal is achieved around the mask so that no virus gets through.

Hence I spent the morning with this gentleman.

I went to Arion Training here in Sleaford, and they trained me in fit testing, which means I can check that my staff are fully protected when they are wearing the new masks.

Of course, you can't get a decent seal around a mask with facial hair, so last night I had to shave off my beard! My wife says I look funny without it and my sons laughed at me, but this is what it takes to stay safe.

If you really want to, you can share the experience below!

Anyway, rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to try to get back to normal as soon as possible. Thanks again for bearing with us.

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