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Keen to get back to work

As I write this we have been in 'lockdown' for 8 weeks. Even though Boris encouraged people to return to work if they can't work at home, the dental world is still mostly closed apart from the Urgent Dental Care Centres I mentioned in a previous post.

So when are we going to be able to re-open? Unfortunately no-one really knows at the moment. I could hazard a guess but it would be just that.

Of course, when we do open things are not going to be the same as they were before. Although we already prided ourselves on being pretty good at cross infection control, it gets to a whole new level when you have to keep 2 metres away from everyone else, and in a cosy environment like Rose Cottage this will almost certainly mean that we see far fewer patients than before. The other big difference will be the personal protective equipment we have to use; one estimate puts this at costing more than £35 per patient!

However, I want to finish this post with some thanks and a promise. Thank you to all our Denplan patients who have stuck with us through this difficult time. Because of you there will be a practice to return to, however different the procedures have to be. Thank you also to Niki and my other colleagues (including my beautiful wife) who have been involved in remotely caring for you all as best we can. And finally a promise that throughout this situation we will always be there, even if it's just on the end of a phone, to help with any queries, worries, or emergencies you have.

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