• Ed Gayton

Working with the opposition

Yesterday I went to work for the first time in some weeks. But it wasn't at Rose Cottage, it was at one of the other local practices who we might sometimes think of as 'the competition'. I was working there as I have volunteered my services to treat emergency patients with toothache during the lockdown. Now I'm not allowed to tell you where this place is, as they don't want queues forming outside, so the only way to get an appointment is to be triaged by a local dentist and referred there. It was strange working with staff I didn't know, but they made me feel very welcome and it was a good day overall. I hope that the patients who we saw were grateful, and that we managed to do them some good. I don't know when my next shift will be there but I look forward to it. I should also add that all patients are being seen here under the NHS. This means that anyone who is not exempt from payment (certain benefits, under 18 etc.) does have to pay an NHS charge of £22.70. We're happy to offer our Denplan patients a refund of this if you get in contact, although we're still working out the details of how to do this. Please make sure you get a receipt!

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