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A Sad Goodbye

It's with a sad heart I write this, after the news yesterday that Linda Wing has passed away after a short illness. Anyone who has been to Rose Cottage in the last 20 years or more will almost certainly have met her, as our longest-serving member of staff and head receptionist.

I'm told that Linda started dental nursing at the age of 16 and in her time worked for many of Sleaford's dentists, with a break to raise her family. More than 20 years ago when Richard Reynolds was starting Rose Cottage Linda was there; she was there as Kirsty and I took over 4 years ago, and she has been a real asset to us both as we found our feet.

This year she was heading towards her 70th birthday, and we hoped to celebrate with her, but 6 weeks ago she was taken ill and her deterioration has been rapid and she died yesterday.

Our thoughts are with her family at the moment, but also with my staff who will miss her terribly, and the patients who will no longer be greeted by her. She will leave a big hole at Rose Cottage and we will miss her greatly. Thank you for everything, Linda.

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