• Ed Gayton

Fun at the Campbell Clinic Charity Ball

A great time was had by all at the fourth Campbell Clinic Charity Ball in Nottingham at the weekend. I was invited along as I've just completed further training in dental implants with the Campbell Academy and this was our end of year bash.

The theme was Wild West, which most took to mean Cowboys and Indians, although I did see one lady dressed as a cactus and another as a wigwam! My outfit was nowhere near as spectacular. The highlights were the mechanical rodeo bull, and the video which had been produced by the staff at the Campbell Clinic which you can see here.

Of course the main point of the ball, as well as having a good time, was to raise some money for charity. The main charity supported was Bridge2Aid which is a scheme to develop rural dental services in Tanzania, and one which Rose Cottage has participated in before. Happily the evening was a great success with many thousands being raised!

Anyway, thanks to all at the Campbell Clinic for arranging it. Looking forward to next year!

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