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Parking Changes in Sleaford

OK, not a thrilling blog post this one, but relevant to most people who come to visit us.

The good people at the council have changed the car-parking arrangements in Sleaford. You can find all the detail at this web site

The most significant change is what they've done with Westgate Car Park. You used to be able to park there all day for a fee of £3.10, but it's now become a short-stay car park, with up to 3 hours permitted. Up to 1 hour will cost you 70p, 2 hours £1.00, and up to 3 hours is £1.40.

The changes are good and bad for us here at Rose Cottage. On the one hand, I have a mightily annoyed hygienist who can no-longer park in the car park next to our practice. On the other, our patients now have somewhere even closer than Sainsbury's to park, which will be helpful to those who are less mobile. It's also great news for those having longer treatments, such as implant procedures, as they can park for up to 3 hours.

Let me know how this affects you, for better or worse, in the comments section.

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