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Wisdom Teeth

I realised that I hadn't blogged for a while, but I came across this interesting programme on BBC Sounds about wisdom teeth. You can find it if you follow the link below.

OK so it resorts to a few of the usual dental cliches (drill sounds etc.), but it also gives a really good going over of why we have wisdom teeth, why they might need removal, and whether too many are taken out.

It also has an excellent message from an oral surgeon about how to brush your teeth. I paraphrase, but it's something along the lines of

"Brush your teeth like you're painting a room and a crazy man has offered you a million pounds if you don't miss any bits. And you're doing it blindfold. You'd start off at one side and go up and down all the way round, then you'd go back over side to side until you were happy you'd covered every area."

I can't offer a million pounds for brushing your teeth really well, but I can say that it will help you improve your oral healthy, reduce the chances of gum disease and decay, and probably save you lots of money in the long term!

Anyway, hope you found it as interesting as I did.

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