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Non-minty toothpaste

Just had a patient in who doesn't get on with minty toothpaste. He's on the autistic spectrum and he finds that the flavour is too intense, so he had been brushing his teeth without any toothpaste at all.

Now toothpaste is not absolutely essential when brushing your teeth, as the most important aspect of toothbrushing is the physical action of the bristles on your teeth and gums, and the removal of plaque. This is why mouthrinse is no substitute for a good brushing. One of the things you are missing out on, however, is the fluoride which is in most toothpastes that we recommend.

Fluoride, whether in water, toothpaste, or mouthrinse is really important for preventing dental decay. It acts in two ways; by inhibiting the metabolism of the decay-causing bacteria, and by strengthening the crystal structure of the tooth surface.

Anyway, back to the toothpaste he found. It's called Oranurse and it's flavour-free, but does contain 1450 parts per million of fluoride which is the dose we recommend for adults and children over 6. You can find out more here

and buy it from Amazon here

Learn more:

The other good thing about it is that it doesn't contain any sodium laureth sulphate (SLS). For most people this isn't an issue but for some people, especially those with oral lichen planus, SLS can make the mucosa (soft tissue in the mouth) really sore, so this may be a toothpaste that's worth a go for them also.

Anyway, hope that was interesting. If anyone finds this useful drop me a comment below and let me know how you got on with it.

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