Changes we have made and how you can help

Client 6

Social Distancing

We ask that you keep an appropriate distance from other patients in the waiting areas and respect the maximum occupancy signs.

Client 4

Don't come too early

Please don't attend more than 5 minutes before your appointment time.  This minimises crowding in the waiting areas.

Client 1


The toilet is back in use, although we are discouraging patients from brushing their teeth in the basin there, to reduce spitting out.

Client 7

Air filtration

We have installed air filtration units in all the surgeries to assist with virus removal and we are leaving the windows open as much as the weather allows!

Client 8

Mask wearing

All our staff wear a mask at all times for your safety.  According to government guidance we also ask that all patients wear a mask when on the premises.

Client 2

Enhanced cleaning

After every aerosol-generating procedure an appropriate time is left for air filtration and the surgeries are cleaned down with a chlorine-based cleaning agent.

Surgery floors are mopped with chlorine at the end of every session.

Client 3

Hand sanitising

We request that you use the hand sanitiser on entry and it is available at several points in the practice.

Client 5

Appointments by telephone

Please don't come to the practice if you don't have an appointment, but telephone our reception team on 01529 302143.
If you need to book another appointment at the end of your examination we may also ask you to do this by telephone to avoid people gathering at the reception desk.